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Yealink W60
Portable DECT phone
Price: £98.00

Yealink T21
Basic desktop phone
Price: £67.00

Yealink T41
Mid-range desktop phone
Price: £91.00

Wired headsets

Price: £35.00

Wireless headset

Price: £155.00

Phone Numbers

How many user?

VOIP licences
includes 01, 02, 03 and 07 numbers
Cost: £13 per month

How many new phone numbers do you need?

There is no charge to allocate new number but there is a monthly cost of £2
Price: £2.00 per month

How many existing numbers would you like us to take over?

There is a porting charge of £30 per number range and then £2 per month.
Price: £30.00

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